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Report Crimes: Call 1-855-48-VOICE

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Jam ICE's fascist hotline with prank calls about Alien Invaders!


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Make the call:

Enter your info and you'll be connected directly with Trump's hotline.

Mijente and Other98 will not share your data and may contact you about this and other important campaigns.

If Donald Trump wants us to report aliens, we'll do it all day long.

On April 26th Trump launched his so called “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement” hotline, calling on Americans to report on “criminal aliens.” Activists have been prank calling the line ever since. We made this simple web tool so you can clog Trump’s line too!

Crank call Trump's racist phone line with reports of martians, reptilian humanoids and UFOs. Because fictional aliens are more of a threat to America than the real hardworking human immigrants who make up our communities.

Feel free to be super detailed in your description of your close encounter with the extraterrestrial menace. The longer you keep them on the phone, the better. So try to engage the operator as long as possible and hold back the specific details of your criminal space alien until the bitter end.

Use this form and we'll connect you with Trump's Criminal Alien Hotline. Please have your phone standing by, as the call will come through on submission.


Need some ideas on aliens you could report? Check out some of the criminals below for inspiration:

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